This is Just Wrong. Please help.

Save Camberwell MA Book Arts (the only course of its kind in Europe) from closure. The MA Book Arts Course at Camberwell is facing closure in 2020 with no new intake in 2019. The world of Book Arts is an ever unfolding journey which once embarked upon becomes a way of life that engages with an ever-expanding community of ‘Artists Who Make Books’ and also with both book-lovers and art-lovers alike. The Course at Camberwell has been a part of this thriving community for thirty years. It is an internationally renown and recognised Masters, and the only course of its kind not just in the UK but also in Europe. This would be a terrible loss to future generations of artists who appreciate the book as a work of art in its own right and to the communities that this art form generates, as seen every year at The ‘Small Publishers Fair’ in London, ‘Turn The Page Artist’s Book Fair’ in Norwich, The ‘International Contemporary Artists Book Fair’ in Leeds, and many more.

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