2019-09-06: Notes and Links #5 Notes & Links #5. This weeks notes and links – Getting started with CSS Grid from Vigiet, parts …

2019-08-08: Notes & Links #1 - A selection of links and articles.

2019-08-07: Today’s view - Kintyre, Argyll

2019-07-26: If You’re Not Enjoying life, You’re Doing it Wrong Thomas Oppong

2019-07-26: www.scotland.org About Scotland | Scottish Facts | Scotland is Now

2019-07-25: www.theguardian.com I’m disabled. Please don’t talk to me as if I’m stupid

2019-06-28: Buildings - Campbeltown

2019-05-25: Casts from Glen Scotia distillery.

2019-05-22: Casks at Glen Scotia distillery.

2019-05-21: Glen Scotia distillery festival, Campbeltown 21-23 May.

2019-03-05: Forest, Ken Currie 1995

2019-02-06: Evening

2019-01-30: Glasgow

2019-01-30: Dippy, the Natural History Museum’s iconic Diplodocus cast at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and …

2019-01-22: It snowed!

2019-01-16: Productive morning.

2019-01-11: Design as an Attitude: Alice Rawsthorn at the V&A Dundee A talk I went to last night by Alice Rawsthorn, design critic for The New York Times and somebody …

2018-12-24: Best Film: Leave No Trace Best Album: All Melody - Nils Frahm Best Book: Essentialism - Greg McKeown

2018-12-22: www.theguardian.com Why I’m looking forward to my first vegan Christmas

2018-12-21: www.theguardian.com 2019 the year you should quit Facebook?

2018-12-10: Morning walk

2018-12-04: They Drive by Night moody images by Henri Prestes

2018-12-04: 90 Years of Guy Bourdin

2018-12-04: Today

2018-11-28: The UK will be poorer economically under any form of Brexit, compared with staying in the EU, …

2018-11-27: Botanic Gardens, Glasgow.

2018-11-23: Camberwell MA Book Arts This is Just Wrong. Please help. Save Camberwell MA Book Arts (the only course of its kind in …

2018-11-23: I wish people did’t think silence was awkard, juts enjoy it. Not every space has to be filled …

2018-11-22: Gutenberg Bible Had a bit of a cultural day today in Edinburgh. Went to see the Gutenberg Bible at the National …

2018-11-19: Walked home via the River Kelvin, Glasgow today.